Elantra Procurement

Since 2001, Elantra has become one of the UK’s leading exporters of mining, construction and transportation equipment and machinery. We are now the exclusive country representative in a number of African territories for global, multi-industry manufacturing leaders, providing engineered solutions that support the expansion of global infrastructure.

Elantra spends time to gain knowledge of our clients’ unique needs and challenges so that we can recommend the right product and service. With significant technical expertise you too can benefit from years of insight and experience in the cost-effective resourcing of industrial activities.

Our reputation, established contact network and purchasing power helps our clients to save money on a wide range of goods and services procured. This directly contributes to enhanced competitiveness and provides substantial added value.

Our key procurement areas are:

We are also independent of our suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to offer attractive terms and respond flexibly to our customers’ demands and the efficiency of our services ensures them of reduced downtime

Elantra takes care of clients’ procurement needs end-to-end, leaving them to focus on their core business – in short, let us do what we do best and supply you with everything you need to do what you do best.